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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: Thoughts, memories

Normally, when I think of the things, situations or people that are inspiring me I try to focus on the positive, the lovely, the blessings. This week it's not only good memories that are inspiring me, but bad memories and thoughts are also my fuel.

That's the push behind expressing my thoughts and getting back to a way of releasing some of the poetic, tortured contemplations that happen within my brain. There are times that those thoughts make way for inspiring, positive and equally poetic musings, but - as many artists (written, visual, etc.) - realize the creative bunch of us are often fueled by emotionally charged feelings.

Now, the reason the not-so-positive memories and thoughts are fueling me is because I want to remember what has happened over the past two years and the past month. Some of the pain and emotional hurt that I have felt needs to be released. The pain hurts my health, my heart and my life and trickles over into every activity, word and interaction that I have. There aren't any more tears that I wish to unleash.

There are times when the tears flow without my permission. When a thought triggers a pain I can not control. I hope to use that pain to fuel creativity, ideas and some type of positive release.

That is what's inspiring me this week.

What's inspiring you this week? Head on over to Maternal Spark to share your inspirations and inspire others.
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