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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To-Do Tuesday, Week 30

There are several weekly posts that I would like to do, but I don't often get around to each of them. Instead of beating myself up about not participating, I'm just going to do the best I can.

One of the ones I love to check out is at Crazy Adventures in Parenting where Lisa encourages us to tackle our to-do list. We don't have to get it all done today and you don't even have to post it today, just share it to get support and accountability for what's on your list for the week.

Those are all of my words; not hers. So if you want the real down low on To Do Tuesday you'll have to pop on over to her place to check it out. While you're there see what she, and everyone else, is up to.

Here's my list...
  1. Posting on SAS
  2. Updating my From Toddlers2Teens blog
  3. Investigating more grad schools
  4. Apply to some grad schools (???)
  5. Review SAR & FAFSA
  6. Paid posts
  7. Opportunity seeking (that's jobs & freelancing)
  8. Update my agent cover letter
  9. Clear desk/process papers/filing
I just realized there are a lot of things on my weekly to-do list and I'm not sure how to classify them so I've sort of thrown them up there. There's also some things on there I don't know if I want to or should put on here. It shouldn't be this complicated, should it?

Of course, you know there's the weekly housework and whatnot. Lisa includes a handy dandy, fancy HTML check-off thingy, but I don't think I am going to tackle that this time. Well, there you have it - a peep at my to-do list. Are you going to join in?


  1. i wouldn't even know where to start on a list. it seems like just when i thought i have every thing figured out, a monkey wrench gets thrown into it and i have to start all over again. but, i know, this too shall pass.

    have a great day my friend, much love to you!

  2. I too have learnt not to beat myself up over not getting my list completed. I have always written lists because I tend to lose track of things that I was wanting to achieve for the day or week. I just look at it as things I would like to achieve but sometimes I acknowledge that life does get in the way

  3. Your list is great! I, at one time, tried to organize it, but it actually got to be too much. Now I just throw mine up there too and do what I can. It really helps having it up there, to hold me accountable, and remind me just in case I forgot. It's been SO helpful! I hope it is for you, too! :)


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