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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taste of tea - product review

I must admit that my favorite beverage is water. There's nothing like a refreshing glass of nature's clear liquid to quench one's thirst. But there are a couple of other beverages that I spend quite a bit of time with: Coffee, which I normally consume year round (I'm not going to tell you how much) and tea. They're both natural drinks too, right? ;)

When I learned about Dilmah, a brand that sells 100 percent pure Ceylon tea, I had to try a cup for myself to see the difference. Dilmah is touted as being preferred by tea connoisseurs because it's unlike mass-marketed brands that can be a mixture of teas from up to 30 different countries. Dilmah comes from one source Sri Lanka, which is "home to the world's finest tea."

I received two boxes of the tea: Natural Green and Earl Grey. I must admit that I've only tried Earl Grey on one other occasion and I didn't like it. So, that said, I dug right into the green tea. I boiled my water, poured it over the tea bag and steeped for about five minutes even though only two are recommended.

My first sip was like BAM WOW! Seriously. The taste was so distinct compared to other green teas that I've tasted that I was surprised. At first I thought it would be too overpowering, but the blast of flavor is smooth, pure and fresh. I'm now sold on 100 percent pure Ceylon especially Dilmah's Natural Green Tea.

I'm still stalling on the Earl Grey, but I plan on trying it soon because I'm pleased with the brand. If you're a tea fan then I think you would definitely find Dilmah to be among your favorite choices. Visit to learn more about the company and their tea.

UPDATE: OMG! The Earl Grey is fabulous. I felt guilty about not trying it yet and I think Earl and I are going to be great friends. :) I just added a little honey, but I think I'll try it next with a bit of milk. :D


  1. I love tea! I think it's a a very healthy drink that's why I always have it at home!

  2. I know right! That Tea is seriously good! I reviewed it a month or so ago and couldn't believe how much smoother and flavorful that green tea was! It doesn't even need sweetener :)


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