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Monday, September 14, 2009

People, places, things

In spite of my intense irritation, increasing exhaustion and intense juggling nighttime juggling act there was a moment that I couldn't help but laugh. I was helping my son, who's in kindergarten, with his homework; I had the girls get in the tub and wash up while I ran back and forth.

Give homework instructions. (Why does my 5 year old have homework about symmetry, equal parts, problem solving, etc.?)
Give homework explanations.
Teach the subject.
"Tell me when you're finished."

Run to bathroom.
Give instructions (and threats!).
Help with drying off.
Give instructions.

"I'm done!" Calls the distant voice from the kitchen.

Run to kitchen.

Back and forth, back and forth...

Just writing it is tiring me out. Again.

I sat down to read another set of instructions: Draw pictures of a person, a place and a thing then color. When he drew his person's arms I asked are those ears. "No, arms," he said unfazed. Luckily I kept the thought to myself: 'Then why are they coming out of his head?' Silent chuckle.

He drew a picture of a house for place. A square with a triangle on top and a rectangle for a door. At this point I said, "Okay..." thinking he was finished, but he drew a square for a window with the "window panes."

Remember drawing houses like that?!

I couldn't resist. I smiled.

He looked at me.

He smiled...

We both laughed. Loud chuckles.

I doubt we were laughing about the same thing. I was amazed that he drew his house with the same window I drew as a child - well, me and every other child I'm sure. It was a welcome moment in a very hectic evening.
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