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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Parenting woes

My friend, who a lot of you know as Mom, has great parenting ideas. I really like the majority of them and know that they will work with my children. Well, all of my children EXCEPT one.

If you've been following me on Facebook then you've seen me "complain" about my youngest offspring, 2 1/2-year-old Anna. She makes me feel like I've never been a parent before. Even her daycare provider who has been caring for children FORever says she's at a loss with her and just "doesn't understand."

That makes two of us.

Mom's idea, which I think she's mentioned before on her blog, was to give her a/some baby wipe(s) and have her "wash" the walls. Well, when I mentioned it to Miss Anna she was so excited. When she got aforementioned baby wipes in her hands and began the process she was ready to stop less than 10 seconds into the activity.

I snapped the above photo after she said, "I done," and tried to give the baby wipes back. I said, "Do it a little while longer." (Just so I could at least get a picture especially if it worked.) I had encouraged and praised the entire time we were getting the wipes.


Here (below) you can see the not-so-pleased look on her face. I tried to get her to wipe down some other stuff to which she spent all of five minutes doing by going around the room talking to me the entire time about what she should wipe. She spent mere seconds on each item and proceeded to ask me should she wipe this, wipe that... wipe here. :(

I know folks think I am exaggerating when I say she doesn't give me even five minutes to think. Believe me, if you just spoke to me on the phone for about 10 minutes you'd see how often she talks to me or I have speak to her.

Will I ever get anything done in the next couple of weeks? Needless to say when the daycare opens again I will be the first one at the door. Sitting. Waiting. Smiling. Please pray for me.
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