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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Online tutoring

The summer before my oldest daughter Amber entered the 11th grade she became really sick and had to be hospitalized. When school began that fall she was often absent because of not feeling well (she missed almost three months of school) and doctor's appointments. Through her hard work, the help and understanding of her teachers and a tutor she was able to pass her junior year.

My daughter's tutor came to our house and that was really convenient, but there is a more convenient way and that's to sign up your K-12 or college student for online tutoring. Amber received Math help, which was key to her academic success. Not only will tutors work with students on their Math problems, but they'll provide the Math answers and assist with comprehending and figuring out Math word problems.

TutorVista, a leading online tutoring company, offers an unlimited monthly package that will covers subjects and allows students to freely use the service. If you and your student are interested you can test it out for free. Whether they need Algebra help (especially with those Algebra word problems) or guidance in another subject, tutoring may mean the difference between passing and failing.
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