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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Low back exercises

For some reason my back has been hurting more than it normally does. I know that sitting at my desk for extended periods of time makes it worse, but lately I have been getting up more and still haven't found relief. It's not just my lower back, which I think is aggravated by some pending monthly "issues." There is also pain between my shoulder blades, the middle of my back and right under my neck.

I've been stretching everyday to try to relieve it, but since it hasn't worked I need to do some low back exercises. includes detailed information about exercises for back relief along with pictures to illustrate. There's free access to exercise pages and subscribers get reminders to exercise. The program includes daily video instructions and a multitude of other features. A good way to treat your own back pain... and I'll have to test it out to treat mine.
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