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Friday, September 11, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

I'm glad I have a shot from earlier this week because today's sky is dark, dreary and cloudy, and I just posted a sky like that not too long ago.

I really like this shot. I'm standing in the driveway of a home on my street and when you look straight up you normally just see trees. I was at the perfect angle to catch a few rays of the sun.




  1. I really like that shot too! Looking up like that through the trees is one of my favorite past times. I should take some pictures some time when I do it.

  2. I love the sun filtered in thru the leaves, very pretty

    I didn't post this week, it has been a long one!!

    just wanted to stop by :)

  3. Oh, how pretty! I'm so glad you took a moment to snap a picture of that.

  4. Love it! Love it! Love it! :) This is a wonderful picture. I'd make it into a post card.

  5. that's an awesome shot petula!
    wishing you a wonderful weekend my friend...hugz!

  6. That is beautiful! One of those pictures that makes you feel calm.

  7. Nice shot through the trees. Glad to hear you got some sun last week.

  8. I love pics from my house or places that mean a lot to me. Even though it is not of the house, you know what it was like to be there, enjoying the moment. at your place. Love the pic!

  9. all my sky pics used to look the same for some reason lol. looks very mystic your sky mate. like it ;)

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