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Thursday, September 3, 2009

A killer read

On the Woman's Bookshelf

There's nothing like murders, secret rooms and good guys turned bad in disguise to keep me interested in a book. Those things kept me rapidly turning the pages of Hothouse Orchid by Stuart Woods.

Hothouse Orchid is the latest Holly Barker thriller (I'll have to go back and read the others) and it will be released this month. Barker is a CIA special agent that let an international terrorist get away from her for the second time and now she's on a long vacation until the case is resolved. She takes her hiatus in Orchid Beach, Florida, her home town, where there's a surprise waiting for her.

Will the local police solve the murder/rape cases? Who's hacking into the CIA computer system? And will anyone, including a smitten police officer who Holly has something tragic in common with, figure out where and who the terrorist really is?

Although I enjoyed this novel I found the dialogue between characters a little tedious, but Woods is the author of more than 30 novels including having his Stone Barrington and Holly Barker series on the New York Times bestselling list. So, what do I know?

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