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Monday, September 28, 2009

Impromptu trip

There were a couple of things I had been looking forward to this month. One was a trip to Miami on my birthday. Didn't happen. And, at the risk of causing some sort of emotional turmoil, I'll avoid telling you why. (Well, actually I don't want everyone to know. LOL...) Also, if anyone asks: Yes, I was out of town.

Wait, I've already digressed.

The other thing is a trip to the coast of Georgia for a friend's cousin's wedding. Then when the van thing happened, (I didn't have transportation for three weeks - tell you more about that later) that trip didn't seem possible either.

BUT I am pleased to share that myself and the three younger children were able to travel to St. Simons Island for an overnight visit. (Yup, I have transportation. YIPPEE! Thank the Lord!) I had kind of decided not to go because when I got the van on Saturday it was early afternoon, but my sister-friend Kellie encouraged me to go and the friend (Frankie!) said he still wanted us to come even if it was just overnight.

Besides, he was "coming by" to visit on his way back to Maryland and it made more sense to go get him than for him to take the bus. Add to that the fact that I really wanted the kids to go to the beach so I sucked up my dislike of driving and made the trip. Boy, am I glad that I did. I love the beach and just being able to enjoy it for about an hour or so was soothing and inspiring.

Before we walked down to the beach I took a couple of pictures of the kids sitting on the rocks while Frankie went to the store. When I turned around there was a lady who asked if I'd like her to take a picture of the four of us.

It was actually a perfect day for walking on the beach. The clouds kept creeping in front of the sun so it didn't get too hot and the breeze coming from the somewhat choppy ocean was refreshing. The two middle children go soaking wet! They loved getting down into the water and letting the ocean knock them over.

I walked out until the water was to the bottom of my shorts then ended up getting splashed on the booty when a nice-sized wave snuck up behind me. It was pretty funny.

The scenery was beautiful and I took several pictures that I'll share with you over the course of the week. Maybe I should say that I plan on sharing them with you over the course of the week. Hopefully I won't forget. :)

After such a trying month, emotionally speaking, this was a much-needed break. What did you do this weekend?
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