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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Foggy, cloudy, drippy

That's the state of my mind...

Well, I guess drowsy, not drippy; but drippy goes with foggy and cloudy.

Hmmm... I hope this post makes some sort of sense.

I've sort of been sleep walking through my day. I'm very drowsy and not as up - mood-wise - as I should be, but there haven't been any waterfalls today. There was a slight trickling a little earlier this morning... I guess I've gotten a little numb. Angry and numb.

It hasn't been a productive day either but I guess every once in awhile it's okay to have a day like that. I'll blame it on the drowsiness. That drowsiness and my less-than-perky mood has resulted in an almost complete lack of anything to write about. My brain has been blank all day. I added a few things to my sidebar, checked my email, goofed off on Facebook and I actually laid on the couch for about two hours watching Charmed on television (thanks, Brion) this morning. My lounging caused my 2-year-old daughter to fall asleep so I had a semi-quiet morning.

The best part of my day was when Shaunalynn's name popped up on my caller ID. What a sweet surprise. I have the best blogging friends ever. I won't embarass them by being all gushy about how wonderful and thoughtful they are. It's amazing how someone who you haven't even met in person can be so caring. A call from a friend and a gift from another (thanks, Lin... the card made me cry!)... there are the emails and the FB comments. I thought about complaining earlier and saying I don't feel the love, but that isn't true. More accurately I feel love from places I didn't expect it. Nice.

There's really no definite point to this post. No hidden meaning or message. No creatively deep words. Just an expelling of thoughts. Well, I guess that's the point then, right?

Oh, and before I go, oodles of thanks to Brion, his wife and kids on my birthday... you made my day.


  1. Yesterday was that way for me. Hang in there. What does that little red-headed orphan sing? Sun? Tomorrow? I love ya?



  3. It wasn't supposed to make you cry, silly!! :)


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