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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Foggy, cloudy, drippy

That's the state of my mind...

Well, I guess drowsy, not drippy; but drippy goes with foggy and cloudy.

Hmmm... I hope this post makes some sort of sense.

I've sort of been sleep walking through my day. I'm very drowsy and not as up - mood-wise - as I should be, but there haven't been any waterfalls today. There was a slight trickling a little earlier this morning... I guess I've gotten a little numb. Angry and numb.

It hasn't been a productive day either but I guess every once in awhile it's okay to have a day like that. I'll blame it on the drowsiness. That drowsiness and my less-than-perky mood has resulted in an almost complete lack of anything to write about. My brain has been blank all day. I added a few things to my sidebar, checked my email, goofed off on Facebook and I actually laid on the couch for about two hours watching Charmed on television (thanks, Brion) this morning. My lounging caused my 2-year-old daughter to fall asleep so I had a semi-quiet morning.

The best part of my day was when Shaunalynn's name popped up on my caller ID. What a sweet surprise. I have the best blogging friends ever. I won't embarass them by being all gushy about how wonderful and thoughtful they are. It's amazing how someone who you haven't even met in person can be so caring. A call from a friend and a gift from another (thanks, Lin... the card made me cry!)... there are the emails and the FB comments. I thought about complaining earlier and saying I don't feel the love, but that isn't true. More accurately I feel love from places I didn't expect it. Nice.

There's really no definite point to this post. No hidden meaning or message. No creatively deep words. Just an expelling of thoughts. Well, I guess that's the point then, right?

Oh, and before I go, oodles of thanks to Brion, his wife and kids on my birthday... you made my day.
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