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Friday, September 18, 2009

Fighting tears

What is the point of looking at something in a positive light or trying to think positively? Okay, before you stop reading and jump immediately to commenting, let me clarify.

I get the point from one perspective: Thinking and being positive gives one a good outlook thereby affecting their mood, etc. The whole power of positive thing stuff. However, when you continually get kicked in the teeth regardless of your outlook and seemingly more so when you think positively then what. is. the. point?

Unfortunately, I am not even in the mood to write a long, random, deep post about my thoughts and feelings to explain what has put me in the saddest of moods. No dramatically described finger pointing to highlight others' wrongdoings against me.

There's just me. Sitting here. With tears slowly, occasionally easing out of my eyes, dripping from my lashes and sliding down my cheeks.

Just me.
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