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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feel my soft skin

I dare you. ;)

As many of you know I am extremely addicted to skincare products. You can see a sample of that here and some of my other product reviews here.) All you have to do is tell me it softens, it's natural, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines or any of the other variety of benefits and I must try it. It was no different when I learned about Skin Free™, which has the slogan: A New Direction in Skin Care.

I chose to review Skin Free's Niaouli Butter Stick and the Super Moisture Body Balm, but it took me forever to design on the products. Each one, on their, lists the ingredients and benefits. Skin Free products have no fragrance, colorants, petroleum products or harmful chemicals, which is a definite plus. The company reports that patients with eczema have seen results from using just the soap, but Skin Free recommends using it in conjunction with one of their moisturizers.

I am really impressed after trying the products. The body balm is really thick and contains 100 percent of super rich butters and natural oils that were selected for their healing and emollient properties. I only had to use about a nickle to quarter-sized amount to cover both of my legs. It soaks in pretty quickly and I didn't feel oily or greasy. This balm is great for those with delicate and sensitive skin like I have. The only downside, if this classifies as one, is sensitive to extreme temperatures. So, if it gets too cold the ingredients separate. To alleviate this you can remove the top and pop the bottle in the microwave for a minute. Not only will it be a smooth oil-like cream, but it will be a nice warm, spa-like treatment.

The butter stick is perfect for those rough, dry areas like heels, knees and elbows. I smooth the stick on my heels daily and they are soft and crack free. I've seen women in the street who I want to stop and tell them about the Niaouli Butter Stick, I'm just saying.

I am more than pleased with Skin Free and I'm sure you will be as well. You can see the full line of products at and there's a broad selection at and
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