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Monday, September 28, 2009

Do your kids like water?

If you have trouble getting your children to drink water then you will probably want to introduce them to WAT-AAH! Rose Cameron, founder of WAT-AAH! is asking moms to take the challenge to see if their children will choose WAT-AAH, which has no sugar, over soda and juice drinks. She says the results will surprise you.

Now, I must admit, that I really don't have too much trouble getting my children to drink water, but the do like it better if they have a water bottle. When they got a look at the cool WAT-AAH bottles, they were completely sold. Especially my youngest who is hardest to convince to drink water over juice or milk.

Not only did the eagerly reach for the bottles, they wanted to know what they said. They thought the logo is cool and the words funny: Feel supaah! Think smartaah! Grow strongahh! Run fastahh!

Two-year-old Anna didn't even have to be told to drink her WAT-AAH!

Four-year-old Amareah waited patiently for me to open hers.

And 5-year-old Andre summed it up best, "Wow!"

Visit their blog, check out their site or purchase it from Amazon. I took the challenge; you should take it too. If you do, come back here and let me know. I'd love to see pics of your kids drinking WAT-AAH!
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