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Friday, September 18, 2009

Discount Surgical Stockings

When I was a young girl my paternal grandmother and I spent a lot of time together. She informed me early on that she had diabetes. She taught me about her disease, told me why she gave herself needles everyday and pricked her fingers and she instructed me about what to do if she ever got sick ("sugar dropped") when we were together: If anyone was around I was supposed to tell them she had diabetes and get the candy out of her purse to give to her. Or make sure she got orange juice.

Those instructions give me a little chuckle today because I've never heard anything similar and I have no idea whether that was medically correct. It really doesn't matter because the only thing that is important are the memories I have of her. She did everything she could to take care of herself with that disease for as long as she could.

There were other consequence or complications of having diabetes especially as she got older. For instance, since she stood a lot and had diabetes the veins in her legs would protrude (she developed varicose veins early on) and would cause her pain. If I remember correctly her legs would also swell. To help with this problem she would wear, what she called, support hose.

Nowadays those types of hose are even better for individuals with serious problems like swelling and venous disease. One that is committed to being high-quality and stylish is the jobst compression stockings. Jobst is the number one physician recommended brand in compression stockings and they have a wide selection of stockings.

My grandmother would be amazed and hopefully pleased by the advancements made in products like this one. Continued improvements in these products makes living a little bit easier.

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