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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Control fleas

I never realized there was so much to think of when you have a pet. I know a couple of people who have dogs and they do a lot of research and make sure to have the right products for them. Among everything that needs to be done for "man's best friend," is ensuring the pet is free from fleas. is a guide to dealing with flea problems. There are pictures of fleas to assist in identification, general tips including some natural remedies as well as recommendations on what to do about flea bites. Don't let fleas take over your pet - and your home - get the information you need today.


  1. Hey there, I saw your commment on having problems with your followers not showing up. Can you try clearing all your history and cookies?

  2. Oh my goodness, don't even get me started on the HORRORS of having fleas. We didn't even have a dog, well we had cats, but hey got fleas, and those little creatures where EVERYWHERE in our home. We were all basically walking around with plastic bags on our feet, and hands at night to protect ourselves from getting eaten alive.

    Anyway, we got rid of them, finally! But you really need to be aware of avoiding fleas...its always better to avoid them before they terrorize your life! UGH!! I'm super glad that is behind us!



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