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Monday, September 21, 2009


It has been quite some time since I've birthed a few creative lines. With thoughts twirling around in my head I am hoping by getting them out I'll get some relief. Brain relief, that is. Enjoy.

By Petula Renee Wright

There's something I want to say,
it crosses my mind everyday,
the thoughts getting in the way...

of my productivity.

If I tell you this one thing,
will it cause you to dance and sing
or sprout a fantasy wing...

and leave me.

My mind swirls around
although my feet are on the ground
and I get it all wound...

around my heart.

My fear of rejection,
is first before mind inspection
to make way for speculation...

and consider me.

I want to make the reveal,
but my confidence you will steal
when I tell you how I feel...

about you.

So tied up inside
where my thoughts, feelings abide
and hope one day you'll ride...

right next to me.

Now I'm all alone
locked up in my home
no time or place to roam...

come find me.
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