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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Permanent cosmetics

I have noticed as I've gotten a little older that my eyebrows are getting a little thinner. Well, thinner in a weird way. I've always had really think eyebrows. Okay, I'll say it: I've always had a uni-brow, which I started shaping and grooming sometime in my 20s. (Yes, it took me that long because I didn't want to conform.)

The memories of my classmates and so-called friends teasing me about my eyebrows haunts me to this day, and it took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I really did somewhat have a uni-brow. (They didn’t really meet there was just a little hair between them.) The only difference now is I wish that the thinning parts were the parts that shouldn't be there and vice versa. Now the thick eyebrows are getting spacey and sketchy. I never really thought about any other option besides using eyebrow pencil to fill them in until I heard about permanent cosmetics.

Permanent cosmetics alleviates the need to apply makeup everyday or the frustration of having makeup rubbed off or smeared while working out or simply wiping and touching your face. You can choose to have lip color, eyebrows or eyeliner permanently tattooed to those areas using micro pigmentation. Those who have had it done swear by the convenience it gives them because they don’t have to take the extra time to apply that particular makeup.

I’ve never been very good at applying eyeliner and it sounds really convenient, but I don’t think that’s for me. However, having my eyebrows done is something to be considered, I suppose. (Well, kind of like I “consider” having a tummy tuck.) It would be nice to wake up in the morning and not wonder if I have enough time to make my eyebrows look a certain way.

I’ve always been a low maintenance type of girl, but I do like to look nice and put together. What do you think? How would you like to have permanent eyeliner, lip color and/or eyebrows?


  1. I'd be scared because it is permanent. Especially as ones skin starts Would the eyebrows start to go down to your chin? And for the lip liner....that sounds even more silly, if only because you could never change your lip color.


    No thank you.

    The only permanent makeup I would think about having done is the eyelashes/mascara, but only because it's not really permanent anyways being that it goes away when your lashes fall out.

  2. Like Mrs Soup said, I'd be scared because it's permanent. What do I know though? I barely run a powder sponge (puff?) over my face and dab on enough lipstick for a touch of color, so there. My 1 tube of lipstick is over 5 years old. Jordyn says I should be ashamed, and gave me some of her cast-offs! LOL.

    I should just stay out of this one.


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