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Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh what a day!

Everyone has started school for the fall. I took the teenager back to college yesterday morning, but it didn't go as smoothly as I thought it would. About 30 minutes into the drive there was a weird, loud noise (especially disruptive when you're sitting in the second row of a minivan) and my daughter, who was driving, eased off the road.

We had a flat. Not just any flat, but a totally flat tire.

Luckily, her boyfriend Chris was with us so we had minimal problems. It would have gotten done with just the two of us, but it would have been a comedy of errors with a lot of giggling, antics and whatnot. Chris doesn't know that I snapped him in action so we'll just keep that to ourselves.

You can see Amber was designated the traffic watcher (You never know when an idiot will veer off the road and sideswipe you... yes, I know she wasn't really watching here, but we were giggling that he didn't know about the camera), and I stood around talking on the phone, answering Chris' questions and saying what a hard job it was to change a tire. Of course, I didn't do nearly as much - okay, nearly 1/4... okay, 1/8 - of the work that Chris did.

That entire incident sent my day into an unscheduled, behind schedule, off schedule mess that included slow driving, exhaustion, rearrangement of carpools and the in-completion of work.

I'm not going to even get into the additional financial stress that hoovers and lingers around me like misty clouds clinging to the exterior of iron birds. I really hope that I can get some rest this weekend, but right now I have to run out and pick up the toddler. (There's no excitement in my voice.)

My head is hurting from the stress of thinking, my pocket is hurting from being empty and I just ruined the last few moments of my "I'm going to think positive" time. Oh well... 'til next time.
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