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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moving checklist

You've just decided to move your family from one state to another, and you have a lot to do. The best thing to start with is making a list before the move starts.

Moving company
Packing tape
Hand truck
Final bill payments and due dates

Besides the above there are probably quite a few other things that should go on the list including address labels with your new address on them. During a move you normally have to fill out tons of forms with your old address (use labels you already have) and your new address (won't new ones come in handy?). If you have them printed as soon as your address is finalized you'll save yourself some time and, possibly, a few sore fingers.

They don't have to be boring labels either, you can choose a design that amuses you in the attempts to alleviate some of your moving stress. At, you can choose a flag, an empty beach, bubbles, something elegant or even your initials. Whatever you decide on it'll be a welcome sight for your new surroundings.
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