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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More than just the fruit

I have a confession: I'm addicted to strawberries. Fresh fruit. None of that fake or dry stuff for me. No sirree.

"Hello, my name is Petula, and I'm a fruitaholic." (I never get tired of using, reading or hearing the -aholic joke.)

An-t-way, one of my favorite fruits is the strawberry. Well, technically it's not a fruit - at least the red part isn't. Did you know:
"What we think of as the berry is actually the strawberry's fleshy receptacle. The 200 or so tiny golden seeds that dot the outside of each strawberry are the actual fruits, called achenes. Although the achenes only account for 1 percent of a strawberry's weight, they're responsible for 14 percent of its antioxidant power." - as reported by WholeLiving Body + Soul, July/August 2009

It used to be just the taste of the strawberry that got me all excited, but now it's the aroma that entices me just as much. When I went shopping with a very good friend of mine he told me the best way to choose strawberries is to smell them (and to think I was just making sure there weren't any nasty, rotten parts.) When you get a nice strong strawberry whiff then you probably have some oh-so-sweet berries.

And he was right!

Now every time I go to the grocery store and enter the produce department; the strawberries call my name for more than one reason. I lift the container of strawberries to my nose (careful not to touch the plastic 'cause that's just icky) and I inhale. Sometimes it takes a couple of whiffs before I find the right one, and just the action and the smell relaxes me and brings memories of my friend who I relish spending time with.

I said all of that to get to this (remember my thoughts & reflections from Monday?):

In a moment when my thoughts are jumbled and my body tense, I can't relax or even rest. I pause to catch the sweet smell of berries that don't replace what serves me best, but gives me pleasure nonetheless. I'll take every bit of relief that I can get to get me through 'til next we meet.
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