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Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday's Muse: Stepping back

"This week, if you come upon a problem. Step back (or go to bed) and think things through logically. Trust in yourself to possess the knowledge you need. Trust in yourself to know when you need more knowledge and go do some research." - Heather, at Maternal Spark, wrote this in her Monday's Muse post today.

I've read that quote about a hundred times. Okay, it was about three, but you know what I mean. And although I know the truth in that statement, the things I have been dealing with seem to prevent me from coming to conclusions or finding the solutions. It's possible that I've stopped trusting in myself.

Wow, that's a sad realization.

Is it possible that my financial and personal situation has left me feeling helpless and out of control? Definitely. When things happen and I can't stop them especially when those things have been caused by other people; it feels like I have no recourse.

So, I have to do what Heather says "think things through logically. Trust in yourself to possess the knowledge you need." I think I don't trust my own knowledge because of a decision I made seven years ago and every decision I've made since then that has contributed to my current situation.

It kind of goes along with a comment PJ left for me recently: "ok lady, it's time to pick yourself up and shake it off. seriously,..." So here is me shaking myself off. Or at least trying very hard to. Thanks Heather, PJ, FB, PJ&H, Munch, my sister K and every one of my IRL and blogging friends that refuse to let me mentally drown and give up. I'm taking a step back, assessing the situation and continuing to move forward (Yes, I took a gigantic nervous breath there)... worse case scenario, I can always move in with one of them. ;)


  1. Sounds good! Thinking through things logically seems to work for me. I'm sure things will get better!

  2. whoo hoo! that's the spirit! i'm happy to know that i didn't offend you. i have faith in you and know that things will start getting better. as the saying goes..."this too shall pass"

    have a great day, you deserve it!

  3. Wow, how inspiring. Like you, I've made a really bad financial decision about eight years ago. I've learned my lesson but like everyone says, if I could only turn back the time. But at the same time, I can't wallow myself in that thought over and over. The best thing that I can do is improve my situation by doing what I need to do to reach my financial goals.

    Thanks for a wonderful post. :)

  4. I don't really know what it is you're working through but I know you're smart enough and resourceful enough to overcome it. And I'm here for you, even if it's only virtually, drop me an email anytime.



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