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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Memories from 1993

I'm Falling Into Memories by `smashmethod

I have been a bit random this weekend and I know it has to do with me not feeling well, but at least I have gotten a little bit done. In one of my random moments (in between introducing the kids to School House Rock and trying to figure out one I'm going to snack on), I was getting some other VHS tapes out of the closet.

I came across one labeled 1993 and saw my oldest daughter Amber, now 18, in all of her 2 year old glory. Amazingly my youngest daughter looks a lot like her now. And as I sat watching my young daughter - and a young me - it was as if I was back in time. She was singing, playing, taking a bath and being the inquisitive and smart little person she was known to be.

Then I watched a tape of her 3rd birthday party. All of her friends back then that are obviously grown now, and all of my friends from back then that I lost touch with. Her babysitter at the time has since been killed (yea, that's a long story) and I heard her younger sister took the news so hard that she was really mentally affected. But that was years ago.

A friend of mine and my downstairs neighbor quietly videotaped everything and now I am looking for him on Facebook. During a weekend when I've felt lonely, alone and abandoned, I am now feeling nostalgic. It's funny the different feelings that can be evoked by a thought, a memory or an experience. My 1993 life was so much different than my life is now. Makes me think, ya know?
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