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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I forgot to mention...

My health and weight loss journal

I so totally forgot to tell you that I lost the four or five pounds that I gained. Well, I guess I should say it's the four or five pounds that keeps coming and going. I think I'm at 155. It probably would stay more gone (don't say anything about my grammar!) if I would diminish my occasional emotional eating. But what fun would it be in being a girl if I couldn't sometime indulge in a little emotional and hormonal noshing?

If you're trying to lose weight or maintain a weight loss then not depriving yourself is a key to success. Losing weight is a life-style change not a temporary thing. Choose a plan (whether organized or self-imposed) that will work for you. Then rock it!

There's some pretty good and exciting news that I haven't revealed. I was waiting until I actually saw it myself, but I think now would be the perfect time to tell you. (And, if you're reading this - you know who you are - this is not my attempt to take your challenge and be positive. I'm too stubborn for that. LOL) I am scheduled to be featured/mentioned in All You magazine! How cool is that?!

I answered one of the magazine's emails where they reach out to their readers to provide input. It was quite a few months ago that I replied to the email and one of the editors contacted me a few weeks ago. I provided before and after pictures along with my story of weight loss. I must admit I am pretty excited about it. One would think that as a published magazine article writer and poet (not counting my web stuff) that I would tire of seeing my name and face in print. Well, I don't. Each time is rewarding and exciting. It's a treat being on the other end of a writer's pen (keyboard?).

What's with all of the in parenthesis sidebar comments today? Like how I put that in italics?


On the health side of things, I haven't been feeling that great. No surprise there since I've been pretty stressed out. Tomorrow is the MRI I told you about already and Monday I'll see the Rheumotologist. Hopefully she'll have the results of all of my tests along with recommendations and a plan of action.
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