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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Four books worth reading

On the Woman's Bookshelf

I am so excited that I've had the chance to read some really entertaining and well-written books lately. I've recently finished three novels and perused a very timely and educational book about life insurance. Reading is one of my passions, which I always desire to share with you.

The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns by Elizabeth Leiknes
This is unlike any book I've ever chosen to read. This is what a portion of the promotional material said about the book: "Audiences love [Lucy Burns] with and charisma, especially when she talks about her lead character, whose fascinating job is 'facilitator to hell,' and whose boss is really the devil himself."

"Huh?" I thought. I had to read it again. Then I chuckled. My next thought was, "Are they serious?"

I kept reading about the book and knew I had to review a copy. The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns is an entertaining, quick read that's filled with just enough humor, a definite plot and great writing to keep readers engaged from the first page until the last. I really wanted to know if Lucy Burns (don't you just love that name?) succeeds at her mission. And, yes, she really is a facilitator to hell.

This is a great book to read while waiting in the doctor's office or taking a moment for yourself. And for the aspiring authors take some motivation from the author and plow through to get your novel complete. When she was pregnant with her first son she realized motherhood was getting close and she had a little time left to realize her novel-writing dream. She wrote throughout her pregnancy and finished it on maternity leave.

Published in June by Bancroft Press, "The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns" has to be on your must-read list.

Resurrecting Midnight by Eric Jerome Dickey
When Dickey's new book arrived in my mailbox I did a little dance. Dickey is one of my favorite authors and I've been waiting to see what has been going on with International assassin Gideon since I put the last book down. Resurrecting Midnight is filled with action (enough to make your heart race), drama (more than enough to scare you) and passion (I definitely felt some tingles) - all of which are reasons why I never pass up the chance to read a book by this New York Times Bestselling author.

This novel continues the story of Gideon who killed for the first time when he was 7 years old. It was a single shot to the head of a man who was trying to kill the woman Gideon knew as his mother. What he later learns is the evil man was his father. Killing him changed Gideon forever.

When we were last in Gideon's world he almost died in Antigua while on a mission that went very bad. Now he's involved in a dangerous assignment with folks he doesn't trust using his skills to obtain a briefcase that contains a part of a larger puzzle. It's one exciting action scene after another. Once again, Dickey doesn't disappoint.

Resurrecting Midnight (Dutton/Penguin Group) hits the shelves on August 25 and you must order your copy right away.

Questions and Answers on Life Insurance: The Life Insurance Toolbook
by Anthony Steuer, CLU
I chose to share this book with It's a woman's world readers because it covers a topic that many of us have questions about and something we need to know about. Written by a life insurance guru, this 464-page comprehensive guide to life insurance answers every question you've ever wanted to know.

Since this book isn't one you may sit down and read from cover to cover, I took the liberty of getting some information directly from the author:

"Probably the biggest issue for consumers & advisers is choosing the right type of insurance," Steuer explained. "A lot of people end up with insurance that's more than they need. Example, a whole life policy with a premium that's five to 10 times what they could pay for a term insurance policy that would better fit their needs. Another timely point is choosing a company - some of the companies have had a rough time through this economic downturn."

For individuals who are 40 years or older with children and no life insurance, Steuer offered this advice: "They still need it and shouldn't put if off. If they do their homework and stick with term life, which is what most people need, it's not that expensive. A good step would, of course, be to buy my book." This statement, which was shared via email, was followed by LOL. (See, even insurance gurus have a sense of humor.)

You can get all your other questions answered by picking up a copy of this user-friendly guide today. In addition to Steuer's book, you can find additional on his site or check out Insurance Information Institute site at Final advice? Always do your homework.

The Unexpected Gift by Michelle Bulmer Atha & Meaghan Gonzales Wagar
The authors of The Unexpected Gift learned what it was like to put their energies into worthy causes to soothe their own heartache. These women, who were going through a divorce at the same time, took their experiences and co-authored this book that shows the real result of being selfless.

This novel is about a single mother who still deals with the pain of her divorce and encounters an 18-year-old pregnant woman who's down on her luck. The pair form a surprising friendship and teach each other that the gift of friendship can lead to a satisfying life.

Published in June by Synergy, The Unexpected Gift is a book to read for a little message, a little peace and to feel a little less lonely.

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And, while you're here, check out some other reads that are on my bookshelf.
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