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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A few moments of TV obsession

For the last two years - give or take - I've received a free subscription to TV Guide. When I first started getting it I was excited because I figured it would be easier deciding what I wanted to watch on the rare occasion I sat down to watch television. Since the guide doesn't list the exact channel and I never can remember which station is which, my excitement wore off.

Every once in awhile I would read an article about one of my favorite shows or check out the pictures, but it really - I'm ashamed to say - sat on the TV for a week or so then went into the recycle pile. That was when my television was working.

One day before the TV died completely,
my 4-year-old daughter snapped this pic.

Now, as I go about my day with the TV sitting there mocking me at every pass, I wonder what I am missing on my favorite shows (Law & Order: SVU; Criminal Minds; Without a Trace; Army Wives; The Closer).

A few days ago another TV guide came in the mail, and I sighed with frustration. What a waste, I thought; as if I wasn't already wasting it. I began flipping through it and noticed articles about shows that I had watched the season premieres of. My interest was peaked. Now, all of a sudden, it was important.

I found out that George died. On Grey's Anatomy, of course. I learned that Kyra Sedgwick's (you know, she plays on The Closer) husband, Kevin Bacon, is directing an upcoming show and it's one of the best ones yet. More excitement, car chases, etc.

Then Delko, one of my favorite characters on CSI: Miami, is only going to return briefly. I only spent a moment bummed about then 'cause I'm excited about Laurence Fishburne playing a professor on the CSI shows. This will be the first time that they'll be a triple crossover (between the CSI shows) as Fishburne's character delves into a nationwide human trafficking case. And, on House, the good doctor has gone complete crazy and finds himself in a mental hospital. Yup, those hallucinations from last season were just a glimpse into what was going wrong with House.

By the time I finished reading TV Guide I felt tingly all over. It was almost like I had sat down and caught up on all of the shows recorded on my DVR. I don't mind going without television because I've done TV fasts in the past, but I don't like to be forced into it. There's something refreshing about watching back-to-back episodes of House or catching up on a season of Criminal Minds.

Now that I've had my fix of television I can move on to something else. Anyone seen that book I was reading?
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