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Friday, August 7, 2009

Critter city

If you've been by a few times you may be aware of quite a few creatures and critters that hang out around my home. I was talking about this the other day with a friend of mine and realized it's really more than I remember.

Let's take a glimpse into what I've seen.

These "lovely" little spiders reside in my backyard. I usually try to kill them when I see them because they get quite large. I read that they aren't poisonous, but I don't want that thing hanging around.

One day I turned around (I was sitting at my desk) and saw this lovely little centipede thingy. Needless to say I wasn't happy seeing it hanging out in the office, but I got him on a piece of paper and took him outside. Seemed kind of gross to kill, ya know?

Yea, I know, everyone has ants. I just really like this picture that I captured of the poor ant trapped inside my kids' bug thingy. I don't think he was able to escape.

This snake, which blends nicely with the dirt, was under a trashcan that I moved. I'm not even sure why I moved it, but I wasn't happy with what I found underneath. Let's just say he didn't survive. He kept trying to go under the deck and he was very aggressive so he had to go. I got into some trouble for having my 4-year-old daughter pick it up using a plastic bag, but that's an entirely different story. No, she wasn't scared.

This green moth is the biggest, weirdest moth I've ever seen in person. When he landed I just had to catch a picture of him.

The brown snake above is the third one I've seen in my yard. The one below is the second. I came out of the house to find my children with their faces to the ground looking at the snake. Needless to say they didn't hear the happy mommy voice. I had to let them know that they aren't familiar enough with snakes to be putting their faces next to them.

Oh, the first snake was quite some years ago and I encountered him at night (actually my soon-to-be ex and I). We had just pulled the van up when I saw a big, long, black snack slither off the stoop. It was quite large. The husband tried to track it down and give it a little lesson in trespassing, but it disappeared. I was nervous for at least a month.

This beaut was actually on the antenna of my van when I picked up my youngest daughter at the daycare provider's house. It's not in my yard - or even in my neighborhood - but I thought it was cool. When I tried to get a little closer it moved away and as soon as I was inside the van it came back and perched in the same spot.

I think most of the other critters I've encountered have been fairly normal. Well, I really can't stand when the slugs get into the house or those giant water bugs that attack. Now you see why I call my home critter city.
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