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Friday, August 7, 2009

Critter city

If you've been by a few times you may be aware of quite a few creatures and critters that hang out around my home. I was talking about this the other day with a friend of mine and realized it's really more than I remember.

Let's take a glimpse into what I've seen.

These "lovely" little spiders reside in my backyard. I usually try to kill them when I see them because they get quite large. I read that they aren't poisonous, but I don't want that thing hanging around.

One day I turned around (I was sitting at my desk) and saw this lovely little centipede thingy. Needless to say I wasn't happy seeing it hanging out in the office, but I got him on a piece of paper and took him outside. Seemed kind of gross to kill, ya know?

Yea, I know, everyone has ants. I just really like this picture that I captured of the poor ant trapped inside my kids' bug thingy. I don't think he was able to escape.

This snake, which blends nicely with the dirt, was under a trashcan that I moved. I'm not even sure why I moved it, but I wasn't happy with what I found underneath. Let's just say he didn't survive. He kept trying to go under the deck and he was very aggressive so he had to go. I got into some trouble for having my 4-year-old daughter pick it up using a plastic bag, but that's an entirely different story. No, she wasn't scared.

This green moth is the biggest, weirdest moth I've ever seen in person. When he landed I just had to catch a picture of him.

The brown snake above is the third one I've seen in my yard. The one below is the second. I came out of the house to find my children with their faces to the ground looking at the snake. Needless to say they didn't hear the happy mommy voice. I had to let them know that they aren't familiar enough with snakes to be putting their faces next to them.

Oh, the first snake was quite some years ago and I encountered him at night (actually my soon-to-be ex and I). We had just pulled the van up when I saw a big, long, black snack slither off the stoop. It was quite large. The husband tried to track it down and give it a little lesson in trespassing, but it disappeared. I was nervous for at least a month.

This beaut was actually on the antenna of my van when I picked up my youngest daughter at the daycare provider's house. It's not in my yard - or even in my neighborhood - but I thought it was cool. When I tried to get a little closer it moved away and as soon as I was inside the van it came back and perched in the same spot.

I think most of the other critters I've encountered have been fairly normal. Well, I really can't stand when the slugs get into the house or those giant water bugs that attack. Now you see why I call my home critter city.


  1. wow! that's quite the assortment of creatures!!!

  2. Hey Petula
    I got to do something excellent, I met Shaunalynn in person! I got to spend time with her and the girls it was so much fun. I asked about you but I only had a very short period of time I was there and she said you were a bit too far from where we were. Maybe next time I am down there

    Oh and I didn't see any of those bugs when I was there :o)

  3. Well, you and I might have to part company! I hate snakes! hate, hate, hate -- snakes! Can't stand nothing about them, reading about them, hearing about them, especially not looking at them... not on tv, not in books, and definitely NOT IN PERSON.

    That said, I was rolling along at a nice steady clip looking at the spiders, the ants, then BAMMMMMNNNN! I couldn't go on. Had to scroll down to the comments box and do my thing.

    Ugggghhhhh! Snakes!!!!

    Have a great weekend, hug the babies for me.

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  5. I love how you just sort of clump those big giant snakes in there with a teeny ant and a cool luna moth. Yikes!! Snakes are a whole different category of scary!!!

  6. Eeeeeeekk!!! Critter city, indeed! When I was a kid I was fascinated with bugs, and now I still think they are pretty cool, but NOT IN THE HOUSE! We used to get these giant spiders in the college dorms, and I tried using spider spray on them. Honestly, the thing would crawl half way across the room all melodramatic. *gasp* I'm DIEING *gasp* HELP ME!! And then FINALLY die about 1/2 an hour later. Used to drive me nuts. Thankfully, it was written into our wedding vows that Mark's job is to kill spiders. (and open jars). :-)

  7. Okay, that is a lot of critters! The snakes would probably freak me out a little because like you said Hunter not being familiar would still probably be all up in the snakes face and trying to touch or catch it...

  8. Wow! That is quite a variety of critters. I'm such a chicken about snakes though that I had to scroll past those photos quickly ;-) Great post.

  9. You're not kidding. That is quite the assortment of critters. Loved your pictures.

  10. You should send me your kid so I can have calm snake lessons. I loathe snakes. I swear, there's some Native American totem reason.

    I don't know if I could live near you. Those bugs would do me in. Not to mention the snakes.


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