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Friday, August 14, 2009

Care for your eyes

With my daughter going off to college there were a lot of things to be done that didn't necessarily have to do with paying tuition, buying books and getting accessories for her room. She had to make sure she had all of her medical appointments taken care of including getting her eyes checked, ordering new contact lenses and picking out a new pair of glasses.

Besides all of the other medical necessities, it's important that we take care of our eyes. Especially those of us who wear any type of corrective lenses. That's why it's good to choose High-indexed Prescription Eyeglasses——CARE your eyes.

Amber started wearing glasses when she was in elementary school and had a brief moment when her eyes seemed to have corrected themselves. Then about a year or so after that she said that she was having a hard time seeing the board in her classroom and always had to move to the front of the class. She's been wearing prescription glasses ever since and got her first pair of contacts last year.

So far she has done an excellent job of taking care of her eyes... now that's CARE.
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