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Monday, July 6, 2009

Weave it in

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I think I've had every hairstyle imaginable: cornrows, ponytails, Geri curl, dreadlocks, crochet braids, microbraids and any other braid you can think of. I've worn a wig, sported a 'fro and a puff, but I've never had weave.

From what I've learned over the years some hair that's used for weave is better than others. One of the best is Remy all natural hair. It's 100 percent human hair and you can find it at Luxury Locs.

The site seems to be currently under construction, but so far there's a good introduction to giving some thought to trying Remy hair. I think getting weave - especially when it's human hair - is a great way to give you own hair a rest, try out a style or cut you're not sure you want to commit to and put a little diversity in look. Hair can be used to enhance your style so go ahead and get a little creative.
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