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Friday, July 10, 2009

T.G.I. freaking F.

Please excuse this totally random and possibly confusing Off My Chest moment...

Thank God it's Friday! A tired and over-used statement, but true nonetheless. All week I have been looking forward to today. I have some things planned that I think I'll enjoy, I plan on relaxing a lot too and, on top of that, it's the younger children's weekend to go with their dad. So, I was hip hip hooraying all over the place.

Until this evening.

My plans are still on (Although the time for the kids to leave seems sooo far away), but a thought and a being is interrupting the pleasantness going on in my mind. I guess I could say two beings, but I'm not giving the other one any thought. An-t-way, you know how you say something you're going to do is a bad idea? You know how you warn the person in the beginning that it's a bad idea? Then, despite everything you said, it goes wrong and you're feeling like a heel.

I just want to say I told you so. But I won't. I want to yell, be mad and scream, but I won't. Well, I'll be a little mad. Then it'll go away then I have to decide what I want to do and how I want to proceed.

It's isn't supposed to be like this, but when you bring something on yourself you have to deal with it. SIGH... unfortunately. I so prefer avoidance.

Now that I've totally went off on a tangent I'll try to remove this from my mind for the time being and hope that the main reason behind my dismay doesn't end a long chapter. And I also hope that the life-changing reason behind my dismay is fixed in the near future because I can't go on like this.
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