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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stress is making me sick

I just gotta get something Off My Chest...

After another terrible, pointless argument with the "thorn in my side" I am showing signs of stress-related illness again. Remember when I told you about how I was sick a little over a week ago and the severe pain that was going on in my mouth? Well, it's trying to flare up again. Not minutes after an argument with HIM I get a bump on my tongue. The correlation is clear: stress from the divorce situation disrupts my sleep, bogs down my mind, churns my stomach and reeks havoc on my body.

It seems like this will never be over and it will never make sense. There is no rationale and no resolution coming from these insane, forced conversation. That's the last time I participate. Can you get the point? Stop saying "we need to talk" when nothing you have to say is going to change anything. You have no resolutions just excuses, you have no sense and I am tired of dealing with this entire ordeal.
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