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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Slow drops, missing comments

Keeping up with everything can be difficult as a woman (whether you're single, married, etc.) and I've come to realize something: I can't always keep up with all of the dropping and commenting I want to do.

I try to comment on every blog I visit when I'm dropping, which means I don't always get to the 300 goal of a serious dropper. It also means I sometimes don't get to my favorite blogs, my followers, my regular readers or those who visit me.

How do you prioritize which ones you drop on and which ones you comment on? Do you try to always do both?

Well, it seems like my heart-felt necessity is causing me to lose commentors. I think. But, on a good note, I'm making new friends. So, I hope that my old friends are still coming by and forgive me for not always getting to their blogs. I also hope my new friends will stick it out with me.

Want I want to convey to you all is: I really appreciate every single one of you.
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