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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Simple Sunday satisfactions

There's always a day or two (or three!) out of every month that I feel terribly lazy. I have no plans for my day - regardless of whether the children are at home - and I shuffle around. As usual I'll start the day with a breakfast of fruit, take my medication then have something hot to drink and eat.

There's always a magazine or book nearby to read while I sip. If the children are home they talk loudly, play a lot and periodically check on me to see what I'm doing.

Today with my newly-home college student in attendance, I sat at the table enjoying some magazine reading. And, I hate to admit it, I drank one cup of coffee, about three cups of tea (At least the tea was decaf.) and several bottles of water.

Sleepiness stayed with me today though and I didn't do my usual mini chores. You know the ones: You're pretty much finished with chores, but there are a few things to do to get ready for the week. Well, ready or not here the week comes without everything complete.

I remembered the children wanted to ride their bikes and I lovingly asked the teen to help me get them out of the storage area, which I recently destroyed by literally stuffing junk into it. They went outside and I realized Amareah's seat was too low so I pulled out the toolbox and raised her seat as far as it would go. I looked up a few minutes later and it was all the way back down. Tightening it would have been good.

I got a good chuckle outta that.

Then I decided they should start learning to ride without training wheels. I removed one training wheel - first on Amareah's bike - and she began trying enthusiastically. She quickly became disappointed and asked for her wheel back. Being the nice, non-coddling mother that I am; I refused.

Andre tried his bike without the training wheel and excitedly kept trying. He even asked for the other one off since he was progressing so well. Ten minutes later he asked for both back. I compromised with him and put one back on so he could better learn to balance.

After a little while he tired of falling to the side and said, "I don't want to ride any longer. I want to catch bugs. Can I?"

Who am I to deprive a child of his favorite activity? I went inside. Oh... and I'm sure you're wondering about Amareah and Anna: Upon arriving outside Anna "rode" her bike for about eight minutes and Amareah soon went in with Amber, the teenager, to get her toenails painted. Priorities, you know?

The rest of the day consisted of napping (me included), snacks, meals, playing and a frustrated, grumpy mom who was still sleepy after a 90-minute nap. The teenager went out with the boyfriend and the kids are in the bathtub. I'm hoping the splashing, yelling at each other and playing will tire them out enough so they'll be absolutely quiet come bedtime.

Overall, it was a pretty satisfying Sunday. Really.

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  1. Sounds like a good day! Sorry you didnt get enough sleep but is there any such thing as enough sleep?


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