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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sibling interactions

Two peas in a pod. Don't they look sweet and innocent? Don't let them fool you.

As most people know I have four children; three girls and a boy. Although my girls can kick up some drama, my boy is the most emotional of them all. Unfortunately the sister who is closest to his age plays into this.

A typical conversation between them could go like this:

"Amareah, the sky is blue," Andre says.
"Hmmm, no it's yellow," she'll respond mischievously.

Now as soon as I hear the beginning of this conversation I know that she's about to aggravate him. Sometimes she does it because she's trying to get back at him for something he did to her and other times she is just being a little ... uh... mean.

The conversation continues:

"No, it's blue," he says with his voice slightly rising.
"It's yellow," she says with the calmest voice I've ever heard.

"Blue!" Now he's raising his voice.
"Nope, yellow."

"BLUE!!!" He screams at the top of his lungs, tears brimming.
"Yellow," she insists, still calm, while slowly backing away from him.

I think they are so adorable when they're getting along (LOL). Here they are during international day at their headstart this past school year. They're only 15 months apart in age.

Now he's screaming incoherently, flailing around, throwing himself to the floor, pounding his fists and all sorts of unpleasantness. Most of the time we - me and my three daughters - just sit there and look at him. Sometimes we're trying not to laugh. And other times I wait until he's calmed down some and send him to his room to get himself together.

Later I'll talk to him about ignoring his sister, not letting her get to him and remembering that she's doing it on purpose. Has that worked? Nope, not yet.

Then I'll talk to Amareah about instigating, antagonizing and being mean to her brother. That hasn't worked either. I'm sure eventually they'll leave each other alone, but until then I'll play referee sometimes. Mostly, I wait to see if they're going to work it out on their own - whatever their disagreement is - and they haven't permanently hurt each other yet.

I love when they pose nicely together.

What's amazing is how they act like they can't live without each other. Right this moment they're eating their snack and having a conversation about ... well, I have no idea what about 'cause I don't understand. I think it's a story they've made up.

They will cry for each other, pout if the other isn't around or bug me to no end about each other. But then there are those moments when I hear some tussling, screaming and yells for help and I pretend like I don't hear a thing. I've heard this is normal sibling interactions so I don't worry too much. I just make sure the toddler gets out of the direct line of fire.


  1. Oh my goodness! This sounds like my 11 yo son and 8 yo girl!

    We call them the "Bickersons."

    It's so funny because they really do love each other. They take care of each other when I'm not looking!

  2. That's totally Frick and Frack over here, too. And people ask why I can work when they have friends over but not when it's just the three of us???

  3. I have 3 boys and 1 girl, so I TOTALLY get where you're comin' from!


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