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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shopping for school, saving money

I have been finding so many amazing blogs and websites that list deals and savings. Actually I've been quite amazed by what I've come across. In fact, it has given me a new outlook and a lot of resources to helping me, my family and friends save money.

Now, given the time of year, most of us are shopping for school supplies and in the process will be getting things for most of our children regardless of their educational status. My teenager is shopping for groceries for her and her college roommates who live in a suite on campus as well as additional items for her dorm room like storage and decorative items. My 5-year-old son will be a kindergartner and needs uniforms, paper, pencils, a backpack and a number of other things. My second daughter, who's 4, will be going to pre-kindergarten readiness at the county headstart program and she'll need jeans and other fall and winter items because she's definitely gotten taller. And, the toddler - my baby, is gonna need fall and winter items as well. I'm also going to get her some educational books so she'll have homework to do like her siblings.

That's quite a list, but thanks to Walgreens coupons I don't even have to leave the house to stock up on supplies for the smaller kids. As far as Amber is concerned, she's taking care of most of her shopping, the biggest thing we have to get is textbooks. I hope she's able to use some A1 Books coupons to help with that expense.


  1. That's a good point to note - almost all leading stores are running back to school sales. And we might just need an aggregator to it simple.

  2. Check out HALF.COM for those text books.

    You can get them for far less than the "school" price.

  3. You can save your money on shopping by using printable discount coupons at and get discount offers on your every shopping.

  4. I am amazed at how cheap school supplies are this season. Did you see Target's sale? Crayola crayons were $0.27 and Elmer's Glue was $0.25... They had 4-packs of notebooks for $0.60!

  5. I’ve been looking for places to shop online for my kids’ school supplies for this year, and if you’re shopping online, you might want to check out A friend of mine recently recommended the site and I must confess, I am hooked! Not only do you get special offers, great sales, and rebates from the hundreds of stores on their site, but you also get paid when you join and shop! You can look up any item, see all the available deals, and shipping is almost always free. So if you’re looking for books, supplies, uniforms, toys, or computer products, why not try checking for them online, then earn a fraction back from all your purchases. I highly recommend it.

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  7. If you are looking for online shopping I would like to suggest you one more place-- Here you can find online coupons and discounts, as well printable coupons too.


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