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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remote computer access

I have a friend (actually my oldest daughter's godfather) who is a self-taught computer geek. We both live in Georgia, but he's two hours away from me. When I have problems with my computer he's able to access it from where he is using remote desktop software.

This type of software allows one computer to access or control another one through the Internet. So when my friend accesses my computer he can troubleshoot, access files or data and collaborate with me on whatever I am complaining about. I have found it to be a really convenient way to get my computer worked on and I don't have to worry about taking it somewhere to get it looked out.

Nowadays companies that work on computers of course have the same type of capabilities. The remote desktop software is a business-oriented service that is secure. One of the best things I like about software like this is I don't have to be sitting at my computer for him to access it. He can see the computers in the house that are available in my network and any number of tasks.

Imagine having this set up in your office. With this software you can also have your tech team remotely accessing the computers under your charge without the operator knowing it. Whether it's for security reasons or to keep from bothering someone who is working.

This remote access software has 256-bit encryption, which is the highest in its class. I love a service and product like this, and if I had a large network of computers it would definitely be the type of software I would use to maintain performance and reliability of my systems.
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