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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PayPerPost v4.0 is live

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PayPerPost v4.0 is now live and it's looking pretty good. Literally. What is confusing me a little is whether it's going to work like the old PPP. Meaning, will there still be as many paid opportunities available? Will it be easier to use?

I'm sure you're familiar with PayPerPost v4.0, but if you're not then let's do a quick overview. Advertisers offer a certain amount to bloggers (or Consumer Content Creators) to write about their product, service or site on blogs. The offer is made through companies that facilitate this process = PayPerPost, which is run by Izea.

There are quite a few of sites that offer this type of opportunity for bloggers and advertisers, but PPP has been a popular one. So far, I really like the old version of PPP the best because it seemed more interactive and blogger friendly. Immediately upon logging in there are stats on how much you've made since starting with the site and how much is pending. You could get a quick glimpse of what others are working on, what's available, top bloggers and a myriad of other areas to click through to.

When searching for opportunities, there are quite a few listed on the old version, but so far all I see on the new version is the post you're reading. It could be that the only posts visible for my blog ranking is this one or it could be that v4.0 is just in its beginning stages so it will develop and grow over time. Before we all pass judgement and decide on the thumbs up or thumbs down, we should really get used to the new version. Right? Change is good. Growth is good and I am hoping that v4.0 proves lucrative and positive for all involved.
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