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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ouch, yuck!

I have been a little itchy lately. It's not anything new... sometimes I itch when I'm anxious or when something is bothering me. I often don't even realize when I am doing it. Sometimes I itch when I am grossed out like when talking about critters or yucky skin ailments. Lately, I've been feeling itchy and scratching because I have a couple of bug bites.

Well, as I sit here knowing that I need to shut down and turn in, I've been wiggling and scratching. All of a sudden I feel pain and burning on my right wrist. I look down and I am immediately grossed out. I have scratched the skin off of a small burn. It must have started itching because it was healing and I scratched it (repeatedly!) unconsciously.

I had forgotten all about the burn. I didn't think it was that bad. Now I know I need to go to bed. Thanks to my compulsive scratching I'll have to add cleaning the burn to my bedtime routine.

G'nite. Sleep well.
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