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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not gonna bite my tongue

I am going to try to make this as non-vent like as I can, but if I seem to go off on a tangent please excuse me. I've been stewing on this subject for quite some time and had decided to let it go, but it was a comment left on one of my posts today that really bugged me.

The comment I'm referring to was worded very nicely. It was neither disrespect nor rude, but I did think there was an underlying judgment. In a nutshell it said, 'I came by to see what's going on with your life, but it's nothing but advertisements.'

It was left on a paid post and directly under that is a few product reviews. I want to make something very clear: 99 percent of the product and books I review are done because I want to do them. Every product and every book I have reviewed I either requested it from the public relations person, the author, happened upon it myself or accepted it from a program that inquired as to whether I'd be interested. The only "perk" I get is the privilege to try the products for free. I am not paid to do so.

Reviewing stuff is something I absolutely love to do. It's a part of this woman's life. I am a journalist by trade and education, and I have worked as an editor in the magazine industry. When I found out I could do this on my own without having to work full time for a magazine I jumped at the chance. (I did the same with travel writing awhile back.) Not only do I give honest opinions, but I think that the products I talk about are ones I think those who read my blog are interested in. For the most part.

Secondly: I write paid posts because that's the only steady income I have. I am a single mother going through a divorce and raising four children on my own. Currently, I get NO financial assistance from my children's fathers. Once again I love to write and if I find a paid post that interests me and brings in some dough then I must - and like - to do it.

That brings me to the last thing. I have noticed that comments have dwindled (well, they were never that high) since I've been doing more paid posts. Should I stop because for some reason folks are offended by them? I think not. When I go to a "friend's" blog and they have paid posts I comment if I'm interested, sometimes I comment if I'm not interested, I generally non-judgmentally respect their decision to write what they deem fit on their blog and I wouldn't dream of making a comment about them that could hurt their feelings. Regardless of how nicely it was worded.

Those who think the paid posts and reviews are wrong; I respect that opinion. But unless you are supporting my household or something then it would be nice if you kept your damn opinion to yourself.

Yup, you guessed it, I just had to get that off of my chest. If you took the time to read this and put up with my little bit of venom, "Thank you!"
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