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Monday, July 20, 2009

My Momfinitions

I found out about this contest from TwitterMoms and decided to participate. The task? To write give Momfinitions and get cash. ParentsConnect published an article that included various Momfinitions. You know, things moms say that haven't quite made it into the dictionary. It's quite entertaining. So, let's see how I did:

StalkerCharge - The one child that is designated to stalk mom while she's in the kitchen preparing a meal. They're supposed to report back to everyone what she's cooking. "Okay, who's going to do the stalkercharge today?" It can be done slowly and sneakily or a quick ambush to which mom always replies, "Stop stalking me."

PasseyPoo - This is the act of saying a sibling, who can't defend themselves, passed gas. "Did someone pass gas," I usually ask before checking the toddler's training pants. "I didn't," comes a chorus of responses. "Anna did!" Of course, Anna just giggles.

GrannyGiggleMunch, MunchkinFace, Moomalicious or PootieWootie (poo tee, woo tee) - It's the combination of nicknames that you've given your child. For instance, I've called my oldest daughter Face, Munchkin, Granny and Giggles so I sometimes combine the names into something unique. I used to call my youngest Moomie (moo me) and I think she's the most beautifully delicious baby so now I can be heard saying, "Come here Moomalicious!"

StricterSnap - It's the dramatic response of an uptight adult to the natural rebellion, curiosity and statements of a child. "He just went strictersnap on her for repeating something she heard him say!" I have to deal with this with my children's father because he's a little uh... dramatic.

InstaSib - This is a sibling who instigates another sibling whether it's to do something mommy said not to do or provoke a sibling to get mad. My 4-year-old daughter is normally the instasib.

What do you think about mine? If you have some momfinitions that you use, I'd love to see them.
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