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Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday's Muse: Indulgence & deadlines

Over at Maternal Spark we were encouraged to indulge ourselves a little today. Indulgence can work the same way relaxing does. (Well, for some relaxing is indulgent.) Sometimes when you focus on something else - especially something that renews your mind, body and soul - you are inspired by your muse.

My indulgence today, and I know better, was about six ounces of coffee after 5 p.m. I had a headache and was really a grump so I figured I needed a little caffeine boost since I hadn't had any today.

I am happy I indulged.

I don't think it's possible to continue to indulge myself this week because I have some deadlines to meet. Well, there is that Atlanta blogger's "personal time" on Thursday evening that I plan on attending, but other than that I'm going to make sure I accomplish everything that's necessary.

As you go through your week, find something - an activity, a treat, a person - that makes you feel like you indulged. It's good for your soul and for your muse.

I try to contribute to Monday's Muse each week so check out my last one. Then head over to the Monday's Muse headquarters at Maternal Spark.
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