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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Little vacation cottage

Sometimes when I sit outside on my deck, close my eyes and enjoy the breeze on my skin I can picture waking up on vacation in a little cottage near the ocean. It has windows wrapped around the entire structure with sheer curtains dancing in the breeze. The king-sized, canopy white wicker bed is surrounded by mosquito netting and covered in 500-count sheets in ocean blue.

There's white wicker furniture that's unobtrusive and comfy enough to relax on. Each piece is covered in plush cushions that match the bedding. It's a relaxing and quiet environment with soothing shades of green and peach in the artwork. When I walk out the front door onto the screened in porch, I enjoy the solid rustic furniture that blends nicely with the surrounding area.

I could probably fantasize all day about a little vacation cottage. Can you picture your perfect cottage getaway?
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