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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I guess I had too much relaxation and food this weekend 'cause I gained four pounds in about four days. That's a pound a day!

That means I am not as happy and thrilled to share my health and weight loss journal with you today. You know what that means: I'll be seriously watching what I eat this week to make up for the gain.

In addition to that, I'm not feeling that well today. Not too much fibromyalgia stuff going on just really tired, weak and headachy. I hope this doesn't mean I'm coming down with something. I'll have to load up on the orange juice, down a couple of vitamins and get some rest today. I'll definitely be taking a nap with my 4-year-old daughter today. (She's the only one with me today.)

Well, the pre-schooler is getting restless so I better get to preparing lunch. Actually we're going to do it together since this is our chance to have a girl's day. She's already gotten her nails and toes done, and is waiting for the chance to play and help me get some stuff done.
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