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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fighting addictions

I have a friend, we'll call him Timothy for the sake of privacy, who often tells me about his cousin who drinks all day. He's what most people would call a functional drunk. He holds down a job and drives a car, but when he's not doing those things he drinks all day.

When I first heard about him I was surprised. I've never personally known someone who had an addiction. I often tell Timothy that his cousin needs to get into alcohol rehab. I don't think he'd do it because he's already lost his wife over it and still lives the same way.

Although it isn't something you would ever want to have to deal with, it's possible that you may already know someone just like this and you need to pass on drug rehab info to them or find addiction resource information.

Addictions are diseases that need to be taken seriously and the right people need to help the person who is addicted. Finding the right addiction treatment is just a click away.
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