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Monday, July 6, 2009

Dang nabit, dratted Internet

I sat down to my desk earlier to begin my daily work... updating, blogging, paid posts, email (sending, responding, checking), commenting, hopping, social networking. You know the routine. Contests and freebies. All the good stuff.

When I sign in my Internet connection is mysteriously lost. The router says I'm on. The modem says I'm on. My laptop says I'm on.

I call the cable/Internet company. They say I'm on. They're about to give instructions for changing the channel on the router (didn't even know that was possible) when I'm disconnected. SIGH. I refuse to call back, be put on hold and have to go through the same procedure with the next oh-so-nice, but not-helpful customer service worker.

I re-start. I'm restored.

Five minutes later... Mysteriously disconnected.

Well, drowsiness was overtaking me anyway so as I settle the two middle children in for a nap and take a little siesta myself. Now it's time to run out, get the toddler, do some errands and manage the nighttime chaos.

I feel a little rejuvenated (well, at least my eyes aren't drooping); although getting outta the bed was like pouring molasses. Hopefully, I'll be a little more productive this evening and the day won't be a total flop.

How was your Monday?
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