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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ups, downs of weight & health

My health and weight loss journal

Don't deny it. You've been wondering what's going on with my weight loss and how's my health doing. Right? I'll just assume you said yes. :)

Let me start with the easiest and most exciting of all. I am at 160 pounds. Now, I can't take credit for the last four or five pounds because I was sick. (More on that in a minute.) But I am going to maintain it.

I've still been counting calories and trying to eat healthy. One thing I need to do is incorporate more vegetables into my daily meals. Don't get me wrong, I eat my veggies but I am not consuming nearly enough. If I had a juicer I think I would consume more - at least that's my excuse/reason.

On the health front:

Last week I had (brace yourself) a few really nasty canker sores in my mouth. Besides feeling like I was a walking germ, they hurt so bad that I could hardly eat anything. Some foods scraped my tongue causing intense pain and others burned. I finally found two things that worked: boiled eggs and oatmeal. Quite a variety, huh?

A friend of mine told me to use hydrogen peroxide and it worked really quickly. I have never been so thankful in my life for an illness to pass.

On top of that, my forearms - from my fingertips to my elbows - were so weak and painful. I'm not sure if that I was the fibromyalgia flaring up or if it was something else. I had trouble picking up my youngest child, opening jars and bottles, carrying grocers... the weakness and pain were almost worse than I've ever experienced. Not to mention the extreme exhaustion I had. Let's just things kind of fell apart in the house.

Speaking of fibromyalgia, the number of meds I take has reduced some, but a problem has arisen that they aren't sure if I really have fibro. So I've had to get more blood work and another bone survey. ( I told you about that in my last update.) I think I've had three or four of those over the years. The rheumatologist says that something else is up with my blood work that has a indication of lupus and one other thing. (She told me this over the phone and didn't give me complete information.) I guess an indication of lupus could mean something else as well. And, the bone survey showed something she didn't like in my pelvic region so I have to get an MRI of that area.


I won't find out complete details until my appointment on July 20th. I am assuming that I am not at a point to need an immediate appointment since she said that she'll see me at my next appointment. But it is rather aggravating.

It would be nice to know why I always feel so bad. It's either pain, weakness, exhaustion and everything in between. Today I am exhausted and probably should take a nap, but I am trying not to nap everyday. Maybe every other day.

I am learning that I need to rest more and not push myself so much. That said: Since I'm not going to take a nap I've decided not to be on the computer that long today. The simple act of sitting here and typing causes me additional pain. It's so frustrating.

Overall, my mental state right now in regards to "sickness" is high right now. It can really be a downer to always feel bad/sick or something.

Thanks for hanging in there and reading about what's going on with me. It's a relief to get it off of my chest and share.
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