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Friday, June 19, 2009

Trying to recover

I am around - so to speak - but I have been feeling like crap. I will hopefully post my health and weight loss journal on Tuesday to give you the lowdown of what's been ailing me. It hasn't been pretty.

There are a few "interesting" things going on around here:

My son lost his first tooth yesterday or the day before. It has only been loose a couple of weeks so I was surprised that it came out so soon. As I was waking up the other morning, I heard my two middle children - Andre and Amareah - talking about the tooth.

Then I heard two sets of feet running toward my room. "Mommy, mommy," Amareah yells when they bust through the door, "Andre took his tooth out."

"Really? Let me see," I said trying to focus and keep my eyes open. He grinned and his bottom, front, left tooth was gone.

"Cool. Let me see. Where is it?"

"I threw it away."

"You did?"

"Yea..." They both looked at me.

"You're not supposed to... Oh well, never mind."

Yes, this mommy didn't (and probably won't) tell the children about the Tooth Fairy. I know, tsk tsk. Their dad will probably tell them 'cause I heard him asking Amareah over the phone what Andre did with his tooth. (Andre forgot to tell his dad, but Amareah didn't. LOL)

The second interesting thing was the little visitor the children found in the yard today. Before I could get out of the house they all (well, little Miss Anna was standing back some) had their face in the visitor's face. I immediately started admonishing them never to get close to a snake like that before they know what kind it is.
Did they listen? Of course not. The most unfortunate part about our little friend is that I think she was pregnant. I'm hoping it was just a meal that wasn't digested!
I've never seen this type of snake around here so I guess I'll look it up to see what kind it is. The garden snakes I am used to are normally green or black... this one looked a little too real to me. (No, I don't consider the garden variety real.)

I think that's all of the excitement we've had this week. I hope everyone had a great week.
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