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Monday, June 1, 2009

Supplementing will save you money

Having a baby is perhaps one of the most expensive life decisions one can make. Between diapers and daycare... bottles and bibs... the tab can really add up. That doesn't even include the cost of formula.

When my oldest daughter was born formula was about $10 per can (if I remember correctly). Nowadays the national brand of the formula I have used with my three youngest children costs about $26 per can, but national brands aren't the only options. Since all infant formula must meet Food and Drug Administration guidelines, the store-brand formula is an excellent choice for baby and an even better choice for saving money.

Mother's milk is the best nutrition for baby, but sometimes there's a need to supplement. With my three younger children I chose to breastfeed and although I planned on nursing each of them for at least 12 months, I was only successful with one. My middle daughter who nursed for about 14 months. Given her age I didn't have to supplement with formula, but with my other children I chose to supplement. I began weaning my son and supplemented when he was five months old because I became pregnant with my third child.

The baby, my fourth child, was weaned at about six months old and my pocket still feels the pain of purchasing formula. I checked out the Baby Formula Savings Calculator to get an idea of the amount I could save when buying the store brand. I'm glad there are store-brand choices because parents shouldn't have to overpay. Now store brand is available at major stores including Target, Walmart and CVS.

Walmart carries Parent's Choice Infant Formula, which is their store brand. Just think you could save up to $600 by purchasing a store-brand formula.

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