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Monday, June 22, 2009

Searching for summer camps

When my oldest daughter was young there was always one thing I dreaded as the school year was coming to an end: Finding information about Summer Camps. There was always some guide or magazine that included a list of the top camps, but it is extensive and overwhelming.

I thought those days were behind me until I had another generation of children. Now, I have begun the same process again for my three youngest children. When school ended this year I called around, checked out advertisements and looked in some magazines for summer camp recommendations.


But with Yovia all I have to do is type in my zip code and all the information I need pops up almost instantly. The local summer camp finder came up with lots of activities like Flow with the Four Seasons offered by Imagine It! The Children's Museum of Atlanta and a variety of camps around the area.

So far this summer my children have been swimming at the local pool, visited indoor play yards, outdoor playgrounds, enjoyed pizza and burgers out on the town and they'll go to our man-made beach this week. The important thing is that they have a full, memorable summer.

Although I'm sure I'll miss them, I'll be glad when they're old enough to go away to camp. When it's time, I'll check out Yovia to see what's available.

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