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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday's Muse: Re-creating, finding my energy

Stress and sickness can be a real killer of motivation, creativity and energy. I should know 'cause it attacks me on a regular basis. I think this is probably the longest I've ever been uninterested in blogging, life and just down all around.


I think I'm back. Yippee for me!

Life had gotten really busy with Amber graduating from high school and going on to college in the Summer instead of the Fall like we'd planned. I kept saying I was going to take a break to sleep, relax and get things together, but my body and mind started to shut down before I got the chance.

Now the key seems to be not to reach that point again. I'm excited that I cleaned up the house over the weekend. Not perfect, but really good. I caught up on laundry, which is like a major task. And I've begun the paperwork process, cleaned off my desk, made a dent in my magazine pile and updated my calendar and to-do list.

One step at a time and I think I can get everything together. Most importantly, I am determined to rest and sleep when I'm tired or when I get a chance, whichever is first.

That said, the two middle children just laid down for their afternoon naps so I am going to take this opportunity to rest myself. If I don't fall asleep, although I think I will, I'll just lay there with my eyes closed and relax.

Here's to a week of renewed energy and creativity: Cheers!
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